Emerald Avenue turns pink for #PasigLaban

Emerald Avenue turns pink for #PasigLaban

A Pasig River wave of pink washed over Emerald Avenue in Pasig City as early as noon on Sunday that saw skyscrapers with splashes of presidential candidate Leni Robredo’s color.

A predominantly young crowd of at least 137,000, according to the Pasig City police, spilled over to Edsa and adjoining streets from the entire stretch of Emerald at the Ortigas business district. The crowd estimate was later placed by organizers at 180,000.

The grand people’s rally, held 50 days before Election Day, was the largest crowd the ticket has gathered so far.

Crafting a so-called Pasig River wave, starting from the main stage, the tail end of the wave could barely be seen from its starting point.

The crowding prompted program hosts to remind the audience to strictly observe health protocols and to make sure to call the attention of medics should they feel nauseous due to the warm weather.

The PasigLaban grand rally also saw the birth of a “Leni-slide” dance move, to supposedly usher in a win for the presidential candidate.

Senators in the tandem of Robredo and Sen. Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan delivered their campaign speeches, with Robredo finally addressing the crowd late in the evening. The grand rally ended at 8:45 p.m.

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